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SEGfL covers a large geographical area.  It is a populous consortium with over eight million residents and eighteen very different Local Authorities.  The SEGfL region has 3,000 schools with 57,000 teachers and over 1,000,000 pupils.  Of schools with SEGfL broadband connections, 70% are at 10 Mbps or more.

SEGfL is a consortium with a lead authority (Bracknell Forest).  Schools' interests are represented through the Steering Group, which is responsible for all decisions and has a representative from each member authority.  The Steering Group is chaired by the Chief Advisor for Learning and Achievement from Bracknell Forest and is supported by the SEGfL Director and the SEGfL Office.

SEGfL is an active member of NEN - The Education Network www.nen.gov.uk

Along with our partners from other regions and through our connection into the JANET network, we provide a single secure private network for schools as well as a range of educational services and content.  Our members benefit from the support and use of a range of educational resources and services offered through NEN.

Through the NEN working groups, NEN provides advice, standards and support in areas of e-safety and technical issues. SEGfL plays an active role in these groups and ensures information and expertise is shared through our region.


The role of SEGfL is varied and its main functions are changing. SEGfL's key aim remains that every school in the region should have broadband services that are both fit for purpose and sustainable: broadband services that can facilitate digital communications in all areas of the curriculum and every aspect of school life.

SEGfL provides an excellent forum for liaison between its member authorities and is a powerful advocate for the region's schools and learners.  It has also been an accelerator, enabling member authorities to demonstrate the economies and benefits of aggregating whole council broadband services where appropriate.


One of the key roles of SEGfL is to save our Local Authorities and schools money through the aggregated procurement of broadband services.  Through our Phase 4 Framework agreement, members can run mini competitions for their broadband network supplier and additional network services.  This saves thousands of pounds for our members and ensures that the SEGfL network and services maintain a certain standard across the region.  Local Authorities, federations, clusters or even individual schools can call off services from the Phase 4 framework without going through complicated (and expensive) procurement processes.

Other savings can be found through the SEGfL Buying Association (SBA). This service was launched at the end of 2012 with the aim of providing an online purchasing service for ICT and educational software.  Again, through regional aggregation, members can benefit from large discounts.  For equipment software we have partnered with Softcat, one of the UK's leading provider of software licensing.  Through their advice and excellent discounts, our schools have already saved money when renewing their school licences. Softcat have a dedicated SEGfL education team to help our schools obtain savings for a wide range of licences including; Microsoft, Adobe, Sophos and Symantec.

Other areas of SBA will allow schools to make larger purchases of educational content licences, again achieving regional discounts, as well as small, low value or free educational resources to help with lesson planning or assemblies.

Schools wishing to take advantage of SBA will need to register at: http://sba.segfl.org.uk

SEGfL offer all their schools a secure private connection on to the UK Research and Academic Network (JANET).  As well as providing a very high capacity, state of the art network, JANET also runs several services for its community that SEGfL members can use.  These include the JANET Videoconferencing service, JANET SSL certificate service and JANET TxT.  If schools are interested in taking advantage of any of the JANET services, please contact us.

To view the full services available through JANET go to https://www.ja.net

At a regional level, SEGfL can offer schools access and use of other services to support teaching and learning.

  • Our own regional videoconferencing infrastructure to support H.323 equipment which links to the Janet Videoconferencing Service.
  • Simple and very low cost videoconferencing solution using FlashMeeting.
  • Audio Networks - over 40,000 music tracks for you and your students to download and use within your learning context.
  • BirdBox - online real-time video streaming from school birdboxes. Each school has their own page to share a blog, take questions and post pictures and films to other users and visitors.
  • New arrivals tool - this has been designed to enable teachers to ask key questions of new arrivals who do not speak English about their educational past so they can gain a greater understanding of the child's educational background.
  • A wide range of products offered by our NEN partners

Contact the SEGfL office if you wish to find out more.

SEGfL Office Location

The SEGfL office is located in the Education Centre at Easthampstead Park Conference Centre.
SEGfL Office
Easthampstead Park
(off Peacock Lane)
RG40 3DF
Tel: +44 (0) 118 978 9679

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