New free SEND resources released by Barefoot Computing


The Barefoot Computing Programme has released a set of fantastic, new resources designed to help teachers deliver the computing curriculum to pupils with SEND. The resources provide fun and creative ways to reinforce the learning of pupils with SEND across the curriculum (although they can be used for pupils of any ability).

Even though computing may not be a priority for pupils with SEND, teaching key computing concepts such as logic, abstraction and patterns can be a valuable and engaging way of developing pupils' problem-solving skills that can be applied in maths, literacy and other subjects.

Here is a roundup of the resources on offer:

  • Lego Building Algorithm Activity

    This activity uses the much-loved construction toy to teach pupils the computing concepts of 'algorithms' (sequences of instructions) and 'decomposition' (breaking down a problem into manageable parts). Pupils build a simple model, photograph it and write clear instructions to help someone else construct their design.

  • Bee-Bot Basics Activity

    Pupils create algorithms, develop simple programming skills and learn how to spot and correct errors, by using the Bee-Bot floor robots. This resource includes a presentation, programming mat and command cards.

  • Sorting Objects Activity

    Pupils sort objects according to their features, spot patterns and work with algorithms to create rules. This activity is supported by a picture cards and a ready-made Scratch project. 

  • Musical Sequences Activity

    Pupils learn about algorithms by creating sequences of colours to make music. This cross-curricular activity comes with ready-made Scratch Colour Piano and Scratch Shape Piano.

  • Computing for SEND - Guidance for Teachers
    A guide for teachers, particularly relevant to those working with pupils below National Curriculum levels.

The Barefoot Computing Programme is a brilliant, free initiative created by Computing At School (CAS) with the support of the Department for Education (DfE) and BT.  It has been designed to provide teachers with the knowledge, skills and resources needed to confidently teach computer science, helping pupils become computational thinkers in this increasingly digital world.

It is easy to register with the Programme to access all of the free classroom activities, self-teach notes with videos and CPD Workshops.

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