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Digital Eye



DIGITAL EYE is an interactive learning resource which uses artists' work as stimulus for students' own creative work. Students look at the work of six selected artists, they are given some facts and then start to form their own ideas by exploring questions in ‘hotspots' hidden in the paintings. Students uncover their own layers of meaning and create a multimodal response.

Students then make their own presentation in powerpoint (available in all schools) using their chosen artists' slide at the beginning and end of the presentation combining words, images and music. The resource includes examples of other students' examples for ideas and teachers can access notes to support curriculum planning.

The resource will be of interest to teachers in Visual Arts and English. However, in line with new National Curriculum and GCSE trends there is scope for cross-curricular work and this resource could support work in History, Geography and Citizenship.


By combining images and words students will be addressing level 5 and above Art and Design criteria as part of the National Curriculum Key Concepts 'Understand and Evaluate' - Cultural Understanding and Critical Understanding. And also Learning Outcomes in the draft proposals of the new GCSE with particular reference to:

o        A personal interest in why art and design matters........

o        Creativity, competency   critical and cultural understanding

o        Imaginative, creative and intuitive powers

o        Refinement of personal outcomes and solutions

o        Investigate, analytical, experimental, interpretive practical, technical and expressive skills to develop as effective and independent learners and as critical and reflective thinkers with enquiring minds.

o        The ability to actively engage with the experience of working with a broad range of media, materials and techniques, including traditional and new media and technologies

o        Knowledge , understanding and application of art, craft, design media and technologies in historical and contemporary contexts, societies and cultures

Guildford Art and Design teacher Jane Hamer , creator of the project, said "Digitaleye is an online resource that provides a new way for students to look at artists' work and make their own creative project. Students enjoyed making their own animations in response to an image that they chose from presentations on some leading British artists.
They were surprisingly creative and very keen to mix images words and music, I felt it gave them a way of thinking and a 'voice', that the classroom curriculum does not usually provide."