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Be an MP for a Week


Did you know that the UK Parliament has an Education Service that works with schools to support young people's understanding of Parliament and democracy?

'MP For A Week' - new from Parliament's Education Service - is a new multi-level online educational game that drops players into the shoes of a backbench MP.

The job - as they say - is what you make of it. Will you debate the government's controversial Homework Bill or help Mrs Billingsley sort her rubbish collection?

Want to hear what a climate change lobbyist has to say, or ask the Environment Minister about electric cars? Vote on a video game ban, or hold a constituency surgery?

It's up to you, but to survive the week you'll need to keep your voters and party happy.


'MP For A Week' is designed to support the political literacy strands of the citizenship curricula at key stages 3 and 4. A full teachers guide can be found at