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South-East Nature Watch 2011 Project Report

Read this report to discover how schools and educational providers across the region are using ICT to inspire and transform learning in and outside the classroom.

The South-East Grid for Learning (SEGfL) continues to lead the way in demonstrating how schools can use technology to enhance learning outside the classroom. This summer over 800 schools from across South-East England have taken part in Open Air Laboratories environmetal surveys (OPAL.) To find out how your school can take part in these (and similar) surveys and use ICT to promote environmental awareness visit:

Section 1: South-East Naturewatch 2011

Section 2: South-East Naturewatch 2011 Schools' Reports

Section 3: Opportunities to work with Environmetal Agencies and Organisations

Section 4: South-East Naturewatch 2011 Flashmeeting conferences

Section 5: ICT and Outdoor Learning

OPAL Bugs Count Survey (26th-30th September 2011)

Launched June 2011, visit the SEGfL Nature Watch micro-site to find out how your school can take part from the 26-30th September 2011 in "Bugs Count" week.  

For more information about the project and "Bugs Count" contact:

Phil Bracegirdle - ICT Teaching & Learning Consultant   E-mail: