The Royal Wedding 2011


The big day is almost upon us (29th April, 2011) and SEGfL are inviting you to join in the celebrations online (before, during and after the event) at


From here you can access:

The Royal Wedding 2011 Making the News Website - report on how you and the local community are celebrating this special event.

The Royal Wedding 2011 Photo Gallery - Forward your images of cards you might have made and celebrations you might attend, to 

The Royal Wedding 2011 Forum - Post "Good Luck" messages on the project blog and post your thoughts and opinions about The Wedding and the future role of the Monarchy on the Daily Message Board.

The Royal Wedding Online 2011 Debate - This takes place on Thursday 28th April 2011 is an opportunity for pupils to take part in online discussions about the wedding and the future role of the Monarchy. SEGfL will hold six short video conferences (using FlashMeeting) on the subjects listed below with each session lasting just 10 -15 minutes:

1.    Should we still have a Royal Family in Britain today?

2.    Should future kings and queens be allowed to marry whom they wish?

3.    Should Prince William succeed Queen Elizabeth II and become king?

4.    Should divorce prevent a future Prince or Princess becoming a king or queen?

5.    Should members of the Royal Family have real jobs?

6.    What should the Royal Family do to promote the interests of young people in Britain today?


How can your school take part? - Just follow the simple steps outlined below.

1. Identify a group of confident years 5-6 pupils who would relish the opportunity to take part in this activity.

2. View the list of topics in the box on the next page.

3. Decide if you wish to take part in some or all the sessions.

4. Challenge your pupils to set out their views in a persuasive argument.

5. Complete and return the booking form to before the 28th April 2011.

6. Be ready on the day!


Enjoy the event and let's hope the weather is kind to them.