The SEGfL Associates

The South-East Grid for Learning Associates was launched in August 2011. The group consists of former ICT Advisory Staff and experienced educational providers who are able to offer independent "quality assured" training and support to schools on a wide range of topics that include:

  • Provide independent support to schools on all aspects of Hardware upgrading
  • Provide curriculum planning and support for primary and secondary schools
  • Support schools working towards the ICT Naace Mark
  • Lead training workshops on the use of E2BN and National Education Network resources (which are free to schools)
  • Promote ICT projects supported by the South-East Grid for Learning and other RBC Networks
  • The deployment and use of new technologies (including web conferencing, podcasting, video, animation, GPS  and other forms of mobile communications)

The SEGfL Associates are a costed service. Members of the team are available and can be booked for work ranging from a half day visit to a detailed longer term contract of employment. To discuss how The Associates might be able to support your schools and its staff please contact us.

E-mail and telephone numbers are listed at the bottom of the page.


How can the SEGfL Associates help my school?

Presently the SEGfL Associates are delivering training and supporting the following projects.

1. E2BN Digital Tools Workshop

The digital resources listed below are available "free" to all schools across the South-East region. A one day ICT workshop will include training for staff on using the following applications:

Flashmeeting - A simple to use and very secure web conferencing application that enables staff and pupils to participate in and replay and edit previously recorded sessions

MTN2 - Publish daily/weekly news reports and pupils work on your own school web page. Use the "Multi Media" Editor to create and add video and audio presentations to the reports and stories that you have prepared.

Story Creator 2 - Let your pupils in school or home use the backgrounds and characters available to create their own fabulous animations of well known myths and legends.

Discovery Box - Develop an argument or description about a person, a place or an event by placing items (audio,text,  images and video) in a virtual box box. A superb online tool to promote learning in school and at home!

Picture Teller & Story Maker - Create in moments and publish on the Internet your own audio and picture story presentations. Super learning tools for pupils of all ages to use.



2. The Census 2011 Project

How can we use census data in the classroom to research past events?

The Census 2011 project is an opportunity for pupils to research and investigate the developments that have taken place in their local area as a result of economic, social and techmological developments since the beginning of the 20th Century. To assist pupils in their work Find My Past is offering schools 3 months "free" access to all census data covering the period 1841 to 1911.

Case Study - Lyminge Primary School

"The case of the disappearing Victorian Railway"

Read the Case Study below to find out how Year 5 pupils at Lyminge Primary School in Kent have used the census to appreciate how the coming of the railway in 1891 changed the life of people in the village and the surrounding area in South-East Kent.  

Improving pupils writing skills

Following the visit to the station the pupils searched the 1901 Census for information about who worked and travelled on the railways. One person listed on the search was Esther Wiles. Born in India and raised in Canterbury she married John Wiles of the 17th Lancers in 1897 and moved to the village of Lyminge. Three years later the regiment was sent to South Africa to support the British Army fighting The Boers in Northern Transvaal.

Last seen waving good-bye to her husband from the railway platform the pupils were set the task to write an account about the couples walk to the station and what they would have seen around them in the final moments before the train departed.

Lyminge - The Case of the disappearing railway line (pdf)


3. The Titanic Experience (Coming soon - January-April 2012)

The Olympic Games is not the only national learning project taking place in 2012. To remember the sinking of the Titanic on 15th April 1912, The SEGfL Associates together with their project partners will be offering a range of CPD Workshops and ICT Training Events across the South-East.

Designed by History2Literacy the CPD day is an opportunity for teachers to familiarise themselves with the activities and teacher resources that that have been designed to support an intensive one week literacy or four week cross-curricular enquiry-based curricular project.

For full details about "The Titanic - Last Place in the Lifeboat" look out for the e-mails and flyers that will be sent to your school next month.

For more information about the SEGfL Associates contact:

Phil Bracegirdle (SEGfL Associate)

Chris Davison (SEGfL Associate)

Heather Hadfield (SEGfL) 

SEGfL Office Telephone: 0118 978 9679