Learning Resources

Viking Adventures

This resources looks at the Viking and Anglo-Saxon struggle for the Kingdom of England and shows curators handling Viking artefacts in the British Museum vaults.

Published by: LGfL
Victorian Crime & Punishment

Learn about crime and punishment in 19th century UK, with a searchable database of actual prisoner records. Includes case studies for an in-depth view of the crimes and trials of some of the inmates.

Published by: LGfL
History Lines

Organised into the major periods of British history, with themes relating to political, military, social, economic and cultural history, this resource aims to help students understand everyday lives.

Published by: LGfL
History Cookbook

This resource looks at the food of the past and how this influenced the health of the people living in each time period. It includes a wide range of historical recipes.

Published by: LGfL
Documenting the Holocaust

This resource offers an insight into the ways in which we can use archived documents to develop our understanding of the Holocaust and modern-day genocides.

Published by: LGfL
Image Bank

An expanding collection of high-resolution images, checked for appropriateness for use in an educational context. Users must adhere to the licensing terms of use by teachers and learners.

Published by: LGfL
Risks and Rewards

Students can learn all about investing money in companies, how banks work and the history behind some of the biggest companies in the world.

Published by: E2BN
The Tudors in London

This aims to develop an understanding of a historical context in which to appreciate how events of 500 years ago still impact London life today.

Published by: LGfL
The M Room

This exciting English and History resource for KS3 & KS4, gives exclusive access to secret World War II listening sites where the British Secret Service bugged high-ranking German Military prisoners.

Published by: LGfL
Open City

A cross curricular resource about architecture featuring three unique buildings in London.

Published by: LGfL
Polar Exploration

This resource has been created with the assistance of the Scott Polar Research Institute at Cambridge University. It provides a unique insight into the 'heroic age of scientific discovery'.

Published by: LGfL
The Romans in London

Exploring London's Roman legacy - a comprehensive resource about Roman London.

Published by: LGfL
The Royal Mews at Buckingham Palace

A unique resource about the daily work of The Royal Mews at Buckingham Palace, featuring video explanations of centuries old techniques and historic documents.

Published by: LGfL
History of Computing

Created in partnership with the National Museum of Computing at Bletchley park and featuring expert insight into the machines that helped share our digital future.

Published by: LGfL
The Cold War

This resource spans borders and ideologies, interviewing spies, journalists and dissidents; visiting prisons, concentration camps and museums; and filming underground, above ground and from the air.

Published by: LGfL
Holocaust Education through the Ben Uri Gallery

This resource can be used to support Holocaust studies for GCSE History students, and is also intended for sue by GCSE Art and Design students who wish to research Holocaust art.

Published by: LGfL

Imagine a search engine designed for KS2 children. It would be easy to use, allow safe internet searches and filter inappropriate results to give KS2 relevant, child-friendly online resources.

Published by: SWGFL
Morecambe and Back

This contains all the Mitchell and Kenyon footage shot in Morecambe in 1902 and also records how a primary school used the footage as the base for a cross-curricular theme.

Published by: CLEO
John Ruskin: Seeing Clearly

A cross-curricular resource featuring the Ruskin Foundation's superb comic book treatments of this influential 19th century writer, with a fascinating insight into his artistic techniques.

Published by: CLEO

This takes a close look at George Bridgetower, a Polish-born black Londoner, and his relationship with Beethoven. It focuses on musicians and artists of the time relating to the anti-slavery movement.

Published by: LGFL
Changing Time

Split screen interviews with 1880 and 2008 footballers. Filmed at the National Football Museum, Preston.

Published by: CLEO
The Abolition Project

A range of resources looking at the Transatlantic slave trade and Thomas Clarkson and his fellow abolitionists who fought for emancipation of enslaved Africans in the British colonies.

Published by: E2BN
Audio Network

Audio Network music files can be edited and re-purposed through the Audio Network Schools Licence and are avaiilable to all NEN-connected schools FREE of charge. Over 80,000 tracks available.

Published by: NEN

FlashMeeting is an application based on the Adobe Flash 'plug in' and Flash Media Server and allows a dispersed group of people to meet from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Published by: E2BN
Discovery Box

This site provides the tools for you to build up an argument or description of an event, person or historical period by placing items in a virtual box.

Published by: E2BN

This is a place where learners can publish video and animations. All videos, animations and comments are viewed by an administrator to keep the site free from inappropriate material.

Published by: E2BN

CookIt is more than an online recipe book. Learners can submit their own recipes, watch short videocast programmes, find out about food in the past and link recipes to festivals and seasons.  

Published by: E2BN
The Gallery

A collection of high quality images, sound and video files that can be repurposed by teachers and students for educational, not for profit activities.

Published by: E2BN
Myths and Legends

Myths & Legends is for all those who enjoy stories and storytelling. Almost every village, town and city in Britain has its own story - a Celtic or Dark Age legend, a strange happening or fable.

Published by: E2BN

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History’s Heroes

This is a site about heroes. Not super-heroes - you won't find Batman here - but you'll find people who really did exist - people who made their mark on history.

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