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DfE Buys ERA Licences for Schools

The DFE has announced that copyright licences such as the CLA and ERA licences have been procured through a central arrangement for 2014-2015 saving schools 6 million pounds. More...


The John Betjeman Poetry Competition for Young People

The John Betjeman Poetry Competition for Young People is now open for children aged 10 to 13 years to send in a poem. The theme for 2014 is on the sense of 'place'. Entries must be in by 31 July 2014. More...


Living Islands: LIVE - 21 April to 4 July 2014

Follow the progress of the new born pufflings every day in your classroom and at home!

Living Islands: LIVE 2014 - A Puffin Season on Burhou is an exciting 12 week Science, ICT and cross-curricular project that will commence in April 2014. For 12 weeks, pupils in your school will have the unique opportunity to watch and observe the daily life of this sea bird colony and learn about the work of the Alderney Wildlife Trust and the beautiful island of Alderney.



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