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UKCCIS Evidence Review on Children’s Online Acitivties, Risks and Safety

In October, the UKCCIS evidence review group released this year's review on 'Children's Online Activities, Risks and Safety'. More...


Understanding Data Protection

It is important that schools understand their Data Protection obligations especially with the introduction of a new law called General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that will come into effect from May 2018 More...


Copyright & Schools

Did you know that the Department manages copyright licences on behalf of schools? Full details of what is covered under the arrangement can be found in this article. More...


‘Snap maps’ in Snapchat

This summer Snapchat introduced a new feature, the 'Snap Map'.

This location based map allows users to see where in the country their Snapchat contacts are, as well as seeing location based photos and videos. More...

16/06/2017 InGame Abuse
15/06/2017 MyFirstMobile