Audio Network

Audio Network for SEGfL

The latest acquisition by the Regional Broadband Consortia available free to SEGfL schools. Audio Network presents over 6,000 audio tracks produced by their collective of musicians and composers.
Audio Network owns the rights to a huge archive of music which it supplies to the international film, television and media markets.
SEGfL schools may search online and download these files free of charge. You may well recognise tracks as they are used as backing and mood music in top films, TV and advertisements.
Uniquely, the Company cuts through the traditionally complex and costly processes of licensing music by pre-clearing all its tracks for worldwide use.
Schools may edit and repurpose tracks for use in their own not-for-profit productions subject to licence conditions. Schools are identified as SEGfL users by their IP address through which they will gain free access. The authentication routine is managed through the London Grid for Learning portal. If any SEGfL school is not able to access these resources free of charge (or you are asked for a password) please contact Chris Davison, SEGfL Project Officer.