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This free service is aimed at teachers, lecturers and support staff in universities, colleges and schools, who want to find others with whom they can collaborate using whatever technology they feel is appropriate. The service also embraces national and regional museums, galleries and archives, enabling these content providers to advertise their live videoconferencing sessions in one place and teachers and lecturers to find and schedule them into the timetable easily.

Facilities are provided for creating groups, supported by forums and wikis. Using the internal messaging system, members can communicate with other members and those in their groups. The service also links with the JANET Videoconferencing Service, so that JVCS opportunities can be created or opportunities can be converted easily into JVCS bookings.

If you run national, regional or local educational projects, why not set up a group to help support communication between your members or project partners?

Registration is a simple process. You only have to complete the first of three steps to start using the service. If you want to add more information, perhaps about the subjects you teach or support, or just to change your photo, you can edit your personal profile at any time.