Education Beyond 2025


In this world of fast technological and social change, it is hard to plan effectively for the future.  Creating strong, comprehensive long-term plans requires an understanding of the potential challenges that lie ahead for education.

 Vision Mapper is a free online resource that provides inspirational and practical materials including six possible future scenarios, current trends that should be considered when planning for the future and case-studies of people who have successfully embarked on long-term planning initiatives. There is also a wide range of group activities and materials that will help you to create a reliable long-term vision and strategy for your organisation.

Vision Mapper is part of Beyond Current Horizons, a research programme conducted by education innovator Futurelab and the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF).

The programme explores the future of education beyond 2025 and aims to help our education system prepare for and respond to the challenges it faces as society and technology rapidly evolve.