Music Making Project Rolls On


The Gigajam project is going from strength to strength as Bolton joins the growing number of local authorities who are keen to develop the use of their Learning Platforms to harness technology for more music making opportunities.


Gigajam’s award winning Essential Skills Course has been chosen for Bolton LA’s Learning Platform. This means that all students in Bolton will be able to learn guitar, bass, keyboard and drums at school and at home. Last year saw all Buckinghamshire schools joining the project which allows students to develop their music skills using 'Gigajam' software in school, either as part of their music lessons or as an extracurricular activity or even at home via the Bucks Grid for Learning. Mike Woods, Buckinghamshire's ICT advisor says "Gigajam’s software-based curriculum for the guitar, bass, keyboards and drums provides high quality educational pathways that teach musical theory as students learn how to play a modern musical instrument".

The user-friendly on-line music lessons include easy-to-understand lesson instructions, ‘how to’ videos with professional musicians, audio files, backing tracks, and an electronic performance assessment facility for immediate feedback that can be used to track progress.  Students can also learn to play the instruments as part of a band.