Schools’ Birdwatch 2014


It's that time of year again when the RSPB asks you to clean out your feeders, make some bird cake and generally have a great time learning about the nature in your school grounds this winter. By participating in Big Schools' Birdwatch 2014 and preparing your grounds for some feathered visitors, you'll be helping to give nature a home at your school whilst connecting more children to nature.

Free resources

The RSPB has slimmed down its printed resource pack this year; making every effort to be greener and reduce the amount of natural resources used in the making of packs. Everything schools need to take part is available to download from the RSPB website, and they are still producing copies of their colour identification resource to help schools deliver the activity, which they will receive once they have registered for the activity. This year they have resources for secondary schools in print for the very first time!


In 2014 schools can take part in the Birdwatch any time between 20 Jan - 14 Feb, just make sure results are submitted before the 14 February to be sure they are counted. Instead of a prize draw this year, each school or group that submits their results before the end of the activity will be sent a certificate and minibeast poster. We hope the poster could be the basis of a great activity for schools in spring to help them identify the bugs in their school grounds.

What next?

Please take the time to visit the RSPB website to register your school, class or group and to download all the information and resources you need. There will also be plenty of tips and ideas for how you can help to give nature a home in the run up to the Birdwatch via their blog and the @RSPB_Learning twitter feed on the Big Schools' Birdwatch homepage. Simply visit to get started.