The IMLS Framework goes live



New Educational Procurement Framework Can Save Schools £25,000

The Government Procurement Service (GPS), in partnership with the Department for Education (DfE), has launched the Information Management and Learning Services (IMLS) Framework for use by schools, Academies, consortia and Local Authorities (LAs).  The Framework allows the purchase of both Information Management Systems and Learning Platforms.

The Framework addresses a number of key issues raised in the market and the media over the last couple of years, these include

-       Stopping the practice of suppliers charging Academies twice for licences or charging up to £25k on transfer.

-       Ensuring procurements are legally compliant, an issue identified by previous Government sponsored reports

As well as having a number of other benefits

-       Provide better value for money, through competition.

-       It has a quick reference pricing matrix, allowing easier benchmarking and/or budgeting.

-       Provide establishments with a pre-approved list of suppliers.

-       Encourage interoperability.

-       The Framework was constructed to meet educational needs by engagement with a broad range of stakeholders, including schools, LAs, and Regional Broadband Consortia (RBCs).

-        A comprehensive set of Advice and Guidance documents will be available on the Department's procurement website.

-       GPS will provide their standard advice service on use of the Framework with specialist help also available from the DfE via a specific e-mail address.

We are pleased to announce that the following suppliers have been awarded onto the Framework (alphabetical order):

Lot 1 - Information Management Systems

Bromcom Computers Plc

Capita Group Plc

Histon House Ltd

Novatia plc

Pearson Education Limited

RM Education

Serco Limited


Wauton Samuel


Lot 2 - Leaning (Platform) Services

Bromcom Computers Plc

Capita Group Plc

CDSM Interactive Solutions Ltd.

Civica UK Ltd

FrogTrade Ltd

ILC Manchester Ltd

itslearning UK Ltd

Learning Possibilities Ltd

Novatia plc

Pearson Education Limited

RM Education

Serco Limited

Studywiz Pty Ltd


Webanywhere Ltd.

The Framework goes live on the 23rd March.  For more information see the schools, buying section of the DfE website.