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Climate Change

Climate Change Project WMNet
Climate change is a major issue in our world today. Will the impact be beneficial or disastrous? What could, or should, we do about it? This portal provides activities and resources that support your teaching and learning and help you to understand the issues.

Does your school recognise that climate change is making the future more uncertain and that there is a link between the way we live and this changing climate?

The West Midlands Climate Change Pledge for Schools invites you to make a pledge to reduce the school's contribution to the negative impacts of climate change. Choose which actions your school and community could undertake. The actions range from simple steps at level 1 to more complex actions requiring greater commitment and determination at level 3.

You can make a public declaration of your pledge on this site and you can print out a pledge poster for display in your school. Once your school has registered, you can find out which other schools have also pledged to take action by using the 'Browse Schools' button. Contact them to share ideas and learn from each other.