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Motivate Maths - Long Projects for 2006-2007

Maths Videoconferencing

Our long projects offer opportunities for students and teachers to explore a topic over a whole school year with input from expert presenters via videoconference. We have six such projects available next year:

Cosmology for beginners
Discovering Maths and Science
Maths and Sport
Secret Codes and the Enigma Machine
South Africa / UK partnerships
Space Science

To find out more about these projects, go to the link below. These are great ways to get groups of students involved in extended investigations and problem-solving activities, and could include several groups within a school from more than one year group.

We are keen to book schools onto these projects as soon as possible now, so that all administrative details and testing can be completed in good time before the end of the school year. Full details on how to apply are on the webpage.


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