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The Grain Chain Programme

The Grain Chain programme is a collaboration of the Home-Grown Cereals Authority (HGCA), Federation of Bakers (FoB) and Flour Advisory Bureau (FAB). It is the successor to the Flour and Grain Education Programme which was launched in 2002.The Grain Chain is a user-friendly multimedia resource which offers children a fun way to learn about healthy eating and gain an insight into the ?field to fork? cycle of how wheat is grown and used to produce breads and breakfast cereals.

Three new videos and activities designed for use by Key Stage 1 ? 3 students explore how bread is made on an industrial scale. Filmed in a busy bakery in north London, the videos illustrate how thousands of loaves are baked every day, giving students an idea of the scale and mechanisation involved in this process. For older students, issues around technology, health and safety are also raised.
The activities are designed to test students? comprehension of the videos and have been developed to work either on an interactive whiteboard or on an individual PC.
For Key Stage 4 students, the first in a series of topical podcasts is now on the website. This exciting new feature looks at some key questions around food and farming: the first podcast examines recent food price changes, starting with the cost of a family breakfast and leading on to interviews with a farmer, miller, and representatives from the British Retail Consortium, HGCA and FAB (Flour Advisory Bureau).HGCAHGCA is a levy-funded organisation focused on supporting growers, traders and cereal processors by improving the production and marketing of UK cereals and oilseeds.
HGCA provides market information, supports research and development, helps develop the export market for UK cereals and provides independent information about the role of cereals and oilseeds in a healthy, balanced diet.The Federation of BakersThe Federation of Bakers represents the interests of the companies baking sliced and wrapped bread, bakery snacks and other bread products. It is a ?3 billion industry at retail sales value employing 20,000 people supplying 80% of the nation's bread. It has eight company members running 47 bakeries in the United Kingdom.Flour Advisory Bureau
Since 1956, FAB has been providing information on all matters concerning flour and bread in the UK to the public, media, schools, health professionals, and the catering, retailing and baking trade.

FAB is also keen to encourage people to eat more bread as part of a healthy, balanced diet. From educational material to issue-led PR initiatives, the promotion of bread in all its variety, versatility, vitality and not least the nutritional value has always been a priority for FAB.