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Reducing ICT Costs in an Age of Austerity

by Paul Heinrich on Tue, December 20, 2011

Reducing ICT Costs in an Age of Austerity

Executive Summary

The loss of Harnessing Technology Grant represents a reduction of some 15% in funding specific to ICT at the same time as other budgets are under threat and general costs are rising sharply. Schools therefore need to re-visit their ICT budgets and seek savings if they are to continue not only to meet the growing expectations of learners but to maintain modern and effective ICT infrastructure, learning resources and management information systems (MIS).

This paper suggests that schools seek to reduce costs by considering the adoption of:
* Open source software
* Free to use Web 2.0 tools
* Cloud based education services such as GoogleApps or Live@Edu
* Local cloud services such as an LA wide managed learning environment
* Aggregation of services and supply chain.

Schools will need to evaluate such approaches against a detailed analysis of their individual needs and future plans, using tools such as the ICT self review framework to support this evaluation.

A pdf copy of the full article is also available.
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