A new, very different, Interactive Whiteboard (eno from Polyvision)

I recently came across a new kind of Interactive Whiteboard and liked what I saw. It has some unique selling points that I think will go down well with schools, especially when it combines an interactive whiteboard, a traditional markerboard and a magnetic surface. You can use any software with it (it is currently shipped with RM Easiteach), write on it with marker pens and place fridge magnets on it too. The name is eno from Polyvsion.

It is also eco friendly, having cradle to cradle silver certification, a very clean surface and is nigh on indestructible. Try and scratch it or set fire to it and you will see what I mean. How is this possible? It's made of ceramic steel, in a factory in Belgium, from recyclable materials and the Interactive Whiteboard itself comes with a "Forever Warranty", meaning the company is giving a lifetime guarantee. Widely used around the world, the ceramic steel can be used to make a surface of all sizes, including a classroom wall. Just imagine the possibilities.

The other element that makes up this groundbreaking package is the stylus (which isn't under the same warranty), a blue tooth device, which transforms the surface into an interactive one.
It hasn't any wires and doesn't require power, apart from the stylus needing one AAA battery. The IWB is very easy to move from one position in the classroom to another, which means it is very simple and quick to set up. Just link it to a projector and a computer and after 5 minutes it is ready to use.

The eno Interactive Whiteboard also has a companion, the eno mini slate which has all the features of its big brother, but is mobile.

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If you decide to purchase one, let me know how you get on.

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