Celebrating ‘Day of the Dead’?


Spanish Teachers - Answer These 6 Questions:


  1. Are you planning some special activities for the Day of the Dead?
  2. Will your students be doing special in-class activities for the Day of the Dead?
  3. Would you like to enhance your Day of the Dead curriculum?
  4. Would you like for your students to be able to view activities by other Spanish students in the United States and Canada?
  5. Would you like to participate in a DL event at times that fit your bell schedule?
  6. Do you have video conferencing technology at your school? 


If you answered "yes" to all 6 questions - the Region 14 Distance Learning Department in Abilene, Texas has the perfect video conferencing event designed for you and your Spanish students. Any secondary school on the Janet video network can participate as a 'view only' site. 



1.     Where are the schools located that will be doing student presentations? Currently presenting schools are located in Texas, North Carolina, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Nebraska, Virginia, Kansas, New York, Wisconsin, and Edmonton Canada.


2.     How do we participate? All UK schools can use the JANET Videoconferencing Service. Contact Emma.Smith@ja.net with your venue details.


3.     As a view only site, is there any way for us to actively participate in the event? You bet - All schools will be able to actively participate in Q & A sessions and will be provided with information about how to post and view archived comments about the event.


Where can we find the schedule or additional information about the program? The schedule and any additional information will be posted on the Region 14 'Special Video Projects' website (still under construction)  at: http://www.esc14.net/default.aspx?name=Day_of_the_Dead


4.     How much does it cost to participate? (We always like to save the 'best' question for last!) This program is absolutely free, absolutamente gratis, does not cost a dime, no cuesta un centavo, fits within your new 2011-12 budget of zero,  se ajusta a su presupuesto de 2011-12 nuevo de cero!


Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

8:30am - 3:00pm Central Time/ 2:30pm - End Of Day Greenwich Time