Content for the IPad


Apple announced on the 19th January 2012 that it was making big inroads into text books for education, by releasing iBooks 2. The sale of IPads in 2011 for educational use has gone through the roof and now teachers and students can:

Create e-books. You can be publish your lesson content via a drag and drop process and upload it to the iBook store, allowing your students to access it online. You can sell it or keep it a free e-book for your students.

You can download the iBooks 2 app from the Mac  App Store (

What's the catch? It is rumoured that the iBooks can be viewed by the iPad, but not the Macbook. 

Access e-books. Large publishers like Pearson and Mgraw and Hill will allow you to purchase their books once online and you will be able to update them for free after that. The iBook will have interactive elements including animations and videos. Although the iBook will generally be cheaper than a hardcopy it is thought that students will have to purchase the iBook themselves rather than the school. Is this a good thing?

Itunes - U App.  Access to content via iBooks will strengthen the already great offering from top universities, where through a new iTunes app you can access over 500,000 resources.  This is viewable on the iPod, iPhone and iPad.

Try them for yourselves and provide feedback.