Free videoconference workshop with author Alan Gallop

Alan Gallop is the author of Children of the Dark, an insightful book that investigates the children who worked in 19th Century coal-mines and the legislation that stopped them:
Victoria’s Children of the Dark tells the story of Queen Victoria’s invisible subjects – women and children who laboured beneath her ‘green and pleasant land’ harvesting the coal to fuel the furnaces of the industrial revolution.  Following the real fortunes of seven-year-old Joey Burkinshaw and his family, Alan Gallop recreates the events surrounding the 1838 Husker Pit disaster at Silkstone, Yorkshire – a tragedy which led to better working conditions for miners.
Chained to carts and toiling half-naked for eighteen-hour shifts in near darkness, children as young as four were employed by mine owners.  Yet it was not until the catastrophe at Silkstone when twenty-six children were drowned in a mineshaft that Victoria and her subjects realised that many Britons were existing in virtual slavery.
This powerful and dramatic account exposes the real lives and working conditions of nineteenth-century miners.  A gripping human story, Victoria’s Children of the Dark brings history, particularly the history of childhood, vividly to life.
ALAN GALLOP is an author, journalist, PR consultant and teacher.  He has links to South Yorkshire, close to Silkstone, as many of his relatives worked for the collieries until their closure in 1980s.  His books include Buffalo Bill’s British Wild West for The History Press.
More information about the videoconferences:
§  45-60minutes long
§  Available throughout the day on Friday 2 July 2010
§  Suitable for KS3, KS4 or above
§  Suitable for History or English students
§  Include Alan talking about his research, his writing, and will include him reading excerpts from his book
§  Will provide students with the opportunity to question him further about his methods, his books or his conclusions
As this is a one-off event, our videoconference slots throughout the day are likely to get booked up very quickly, and sessions will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Bookings to be made to Stuart Berry at the National Coal Mining Museum,

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