Hedge Watch Project

Following recent announcements it would appear schools will have fewer opportunities to take part in large funded ICT projects. Consequently, when opportunities do arise, it is imperative these projects are well supported to demonstrate the significant impact technology can make on pupils learning and social development.


One such opportunity this year is the Hedge Watch project. Sponsored by significant Lottery Funding, OPAL (Open Air Laboratories) are working with Universities and schools across the UK to promote environmental awareness and engage young people in actively working and caring for their local communities.


ICT and the Outdoor Classroom 

Hedge Watch - What's living in your hedge?


The project is a wonderful opportunity for schools to gather data about life in our hedgerows. Data gathered and entered on the national database will be used to evaluate the state of our hedgerows and used to inform future actions that seek to encourage wildlife to visit and make their homes in and below the natural vegetation.


Links to the Key Stage 2 and 3 Science Schemes of Work


Pupils taking part in the project will have the opportunity to:


·         Observe conditions in a local habitat and make a record of the wildlife found

·         Group organisms according to observable features

·         Identify the structure of a food chain in a specific habitat

·         Understand why hedgerows are an important part of our landscape

·         Appreciate why living things and our environment need protection


How can schools take part?


Schools planning to take part in the project should click on the link below and visit the SEGFL Hedge Watch micro-site to fill in the online registration form by Friday 22nd October 2010.  Details about how to record and upload your survey results together with other information can be found there or accessed by clicking on the web links below.


HedgeWatch www.segfl.org.uk/hedgewatch


Breaking news! - Look out over the coming weeks for details about Schools’ Hedge Watch Day on Thursday 11th November 2010


For more information about The Hedge Watch survey contact:


Philip Bracegirdle – ICT Hands on Support Consultant