History2Literacy - Using census data in the primary classroom

The Seal Chart Mystery Writing Project

The six week, 4 part project was an opportunity for Upper Key Stage 2 pupils from 11 West Kent primary schools to improve their literacy skills through History and ICT.

This summer schools taking part in the 2011 Census project will have free access to the Find My Past http://www.findmypast.co.uk/  website. This will enable pupils in the South-East region to research in detail people and events that took place in the period prior to World War I. Imagine the possibilities? Access to past census data would enable your pupils to explore changes linked to life in the past.

Click on the link below to find out how pupils used data from the 1901 and 11 Census to research life in the Edwardian Kent village of Godden Green and to attempt to solve the famous "Seal Chart Murder" of 1908. Who lived in the village 100 years ago? Who might have been the last person to see the victim Caroline Luard alive?

To help you plan a similar History based writing activity the report is divided in to five sections. Note how ICT is used to support each of the planned activities. How could you use Census data this summer to support an enquiry based learning project?

The Seal Chart Mystery Writing Project Review

Section 1 - Project Overview

Section 2 - Planning a History, Writing and ICT project for Key Stage 2 pupils

Section 3 - How can we use ICT to improve pupils writing

Section 4 - How can we use census data in the primary classroom?

Section 5 - Evidence of Impact on pupils writing 


For more information about The Seal Chart Mystery Writing project contact:

Phil Bracegirdle - ICT Teaching & Learning Consultant              

E-mail: phil.bracegirdle@segfl.org.uk

Gill Hollamby - ARC Leading ICT Teacher

E-mail: ict@ham-street.kent.sch.uk