Money saving tips in school using ICT


School budgets are tight and getting tighter every year. This often has a knock on effect on ICT budgets as some senior school staff see ICT as a cost heading that can be trimmed.  Some might say that a cut will not have an adverse effect on learning and teaching, at least in the short term, and the refreshment of hardware and software can be postponed along with the associated CPD training.


This is a short sighted reaction as ICT has the ability to save money for schools, improve efficiency, motivate learners and teachers and ultimately improve learning and teaching. In the next couple of months I intend to look at a whole range of money saving tips in school using ICT, by reviewing a variety of technologies, applications and resources and the impact they can have on classroom practice, as well as administration and leadership. Sound ICT investment can save the school money.


Please feel free to comment and add to the discussion. I don't have all the answers and would appreciate your input so that we can share our knowledge and experiences.


 I will be reporting on the following topics with reference to schools in all Key Stages and will add to them throughout 2012:

1. Understanding what you spend on ICT today and budgeting for the future. This is an exercise that all schools should undertake.

2. Key areas where you can save money on ICT - Infrastructure / Hardware / Software / Projects.

3. Top tips for being innovative and transformational while at the same time being green and saving money.

4. Create, Communicate, Collaborate and Share effectively.