New JVCS features


There have been some major additions to the Janet Videoconferencing Service (JVCS) and are now live for schools to use. Here are the changes:


Managing Live Conferences


It is now much easier to manage your conference as it is happening and easily tweak your conference without the need to call JVCS Operators. On the new Conference Management page you can now:


 *   Add and/or remove sites during the conference.

 *   Mute the audio or video from sites individually.

 *   Change the screen layout for all sites during the conference.

 *   Use live thumbnail pictures to identify each site.


Telephone Guests


It is now much easier to add a telephone guest. JVCS can email them a number to call into your conference.


IP Dial-in Guests


You no longer need to tell us the IP address or e.164 number of your guests if they are dialling into a conference (JVCS previously used this to make sure they were directed to the right conference).


Now dial-in guests are provided with a conference PIN to either dial with the Conference address or enter once they are connected to a holding page.


SIP Trial


We are launching a trial to enable SIP endpoints to register as venues and be added as guests to conferences. More on the JVCS SIP Trial at