New workshops with Natural History Museum

New Nature Live streamed videoconferences

The Natural History Museum's Nature Live events allow you and your pupils to get involved with our cutting edge science , and with the people making it happen.
This term, more pupils will be able to hear and see real scientific research first hand. In addition to regular studio events, Meet the Scientist will now be extended to schools audiences through streamed videoconferences.

Sessions take place on most Mondays at 12.00, and last 45 minutes. They are ideal for A- level groups.
During the session, your school will be welcomed by name by the presenter, and your pupils will be able to email questions to the studio via
There will also be a studio audience taking part; see for more information.

Learning Objectives:
-to meet inspiring role models
-to gain confidence in communicating about science
-to develop understanding  ofthe process of scientific research

The sessions available in Autumn 2011 are listed here:

Events have limited capacity. Schools will be sent a web address to test at least one week in advance of the event. You do not need any special software, although occasionally you may need to download an alternative media player.  There will also be pre-visit information about each science research project so that students can get thinking before the live event.

Get involved
If you would like to be part of this new series of events for the Natural History Museum please email with the following details:

 *   Date of event
 *   Your/ Teacher name
 *   Mobile number (We expect to be able to contact you on this number on the day to check picture quality and sound).
 *   School name
 *   School address
 *   School postcode
 *   Number of pupils
 *   Age of pupils

Advance preview: Spring 2012  Fieldwork videoconferences

Your pupils will be able to experience the excitement of fieldwork, through following scientists as they search for new discoveries  across the globe .
There will be a number of two way videoconferences for primary and secondary schools on the theme of ' Fieldwork'. Videoconferences will involve sets of three sessions, before, during and after expeditions.
Pupils will be able to ask scientists  their questions directly. We are aiming to support National Science and Engineering Week through these events, and capacity will be limited.

To register interest please contact us with the details as above, with the email title 'Expeditions'.
Priority will be given to those who are registered with JA NET videoconferencing service; please let us know if this is the case.