Paraguay 2010: A Journey Into the Wild

In November, 20 scientists from across the Natural History Museum will travel to the dry chaco in Paraguay to conduct the first biodiversity survey of this region and find species new to science. Joining forces with their local counterparts, everything is on their wish list: spiders, mosquitoes, beetles, worms, plants, snails, butterflies, birds, wasps, lichens, fossils and termites. The chaco is one of the great under-explored areas on Earth and the trip is sure to be packed with interesting discoveries and dramas. Follow the progress of our intrepid scientists as they take a journey into the wild. Share the highs and lows of life in the wilderness in our daily blog and find out what it's like to live and work in the largest dry forest in South America as we link live from the comfort of the Attenborough Studio.

Opportunities for schools
1. Pre-expedition VC with a scientist in October
2. Expedition VC when scientists are in Paraguay in December (6th)
3. Post-expedition VC with a scientist in January

You may take part in 1-3 sessions.
If you wish to take part in any of the sessions there will be a compulsory test VC, which pupils can also take part in, late September.

Although dates are TBC, we would like to invite you to contact us if you would be interested, as the format we use depends on the numbers participating.

At this stage, if you may be interested in taking part with your pupils (it will be suitable for all secondary pupils) please could you email stating:

Year group of pupils
Number of pupils