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There are many schools who are regular users of Making the News, Flashmeeting and the NEN Gallery, as well as the well publicised projects from the SEGfL, including: Birdbox and Puffin Cam, the Xeno Project, GCE Physics Outreach Programme, Microsites, Riverwatch, Screen Online and Second Life, but are you aware of other projects from other members of the National Education Network (NEN)? Here are just a few that are top class and well worth exploring. Every member of the NEN has something of value to investigate. If you want to access the latest news about NEN resources why not access an RSS Feed. All you need is an RSS reader such as GoogleReader. You need to have a Google account, but it is easy to register and it is free.

Artisancam (CLEO)
ArtisanCam has been designed to help teachers deliver a creative curriculum and inspire young artists of the future - 'ArtisanCam stimulates ideas, shares enthusiasm and promotes imagination and creative thinking. There is nothing else that offers anything similar.' - BETT Award judges 2007

Climate Change (GLOW)
”The Climate Change resource encourages young people to investigate, communicate and act”.

The Crossover Project (WMNET)
A number of resources needed to run a successful, collaborative D&T project.

Myths and Legends (E2BN)
This is the place to find out about myths, folktales and legends. You can even create and share your own.

Weather stations (LGFL)
A place to access live and archived online data from weather stations across the country.

The Abolition Project (E2BN)
An excellent site for information, lesson ideas and tools for teachers on Thomas Clarkson and fellow abolitionists who fought to end the Transatlantic Slave Trade and the bring about the emancipation of enslaved Africans in the British colonies.

ICT Assessment (Northern Grid)
Lots of Planning and assessment resources for ICT.

Mathemetical Toolkit (LGfL)
This website supports the teaching and learning of Mathematics for pupils at Key Stage 3.

Celebrating Languages (E2BN)
Celebrates the diversity of language and cultures.

Audio Network (NEN)
Schools can access world-class music recordings.

KS3 RE Resources (CLEO)
"CLEO is a vast collection of authentic, contemporary and challenging stimulli for RE. Access is essential for every RE classroom." - Rosemary Rivett, Director of Professional Services, RE Today. They have RE resources for KS1, KS2 and KS4 too!

Energy, Electricity and Radiation (NGfL CYMRU GcaD)
Suitable for GCSE, lots of resources all about how science works.

About the Author:

Jeff is the Managing Director of JRH Consultancy Ltd with 30 plus years of experience in education, (as an AST, HOD, Senior Teacher, Senior Examiner, Advisor) and as a consultant in the Commercial and Public sector. He offers to schools and LA's the following support and services. Please contact Jeff for more information:

(M: 07765253028 / E: jeffreyrichardh@gmail.com)

*Strategic development of ICT and New Technologies
i. Review ICT (Health Check) - ICT Audit Exercise (Active and Passive ICT) to identify where the school has expertise and where they can improve ICT provision / Review ICT - Total Cost of Ownership Exercise, so that school can identify outgoings and plan and maximise their ICT spend for the future / Review ICT Vision and Strategy for Change - create / update documentation.
ii. Produce an ICT Requirements Report (Key strengths / key weaknesses. Options and Recommendations, including ICT cost saving recommendations / Risk Register).

*Operational use of ICT and New Technologies
i. Introduce, support and develop the Self Review Framework - a very good tool for developing the use of ICT within schools.
ii. Develop a Next Steps innovation programme, e.g: Provide 5 examples of good practice across the school with recommendations for development.
iii. Share good practice in use of ICT, resources and ideas, stimulating discussion and debate.
iv. Develop student voice / teachers voice / community voice within the school.
v. Support the design and build of new learning spaces (new build or refurbishment).
vi. Develop and support the use of Learning Platforms.

*Interactive Content Creation and Publishing
i. Develop school based Interactive Resources (web / audio / video / animation).
ii. Introduce local / national opportunities to create, publish and share content (audio. images, video) via projects such as making the news, digital storytelling, radio and tv school networks etc.

*Change Management and Transformation Training

i. Develop, collect and spread transformational practice in Teaching and Learning, Leadership and Management.
ii. Review Change and Transformation within the school and produce a Training and Transformation Report, with reference to ICT for Management and Leadership / Curriculum staff / Administration staff / Wider Community.
iii. Provide a staffs skills audit and a range of CPD activities for all staff (e-learning, subject specific) / Community Support / Gifted and Talented Support.

*Strategic Curriculum Development / Leadership and Management
i. Review Curriculum and produce Curriculum review document.
ii. Review and develop school Policies and Procedures, including E-Safety, Data Handling Policies.
iii. Review and develop Education Brief including KPIs, Inclusion, 14-19 arrangements, community and business links, QA systems.
iv. Review and develop a Strategy for Change document.

*Subject Specialisms

Provide training and support for the following subjects:
ICT - (Primary / Secondary)
Geography - (Primary / Secondary)
Citizenship - (Secondary)
Media - (Primary / Secondary)
Cross Curricular Activities - (Primary / Secondary) including Transition Activities.
Internationalism - (Primary / Secondary)