Science Week streamed events from NHM Bahamas


As a special event for the start of Science Week, this Friday we will be able to stream the following event:


Lights, Camera, Action in the Twilight Zone

- Develop understanding of marine ecosystems

- Hear about biodiversity research direct from scientists researching in the Bahamas

- Context for habitat comparison


14:30-15:00 GMT


A number of non-UK schools will be taking part in this event; if you have linked schools you may wish to suggest it as a joint activity.


If you take part in this event you will be able to join our closed schools site with activities and experiments to do during science week, about biodiversity in your local area.

We have had water testing kits donated for our VC participant schools to use, and will have enough to send to some schools who watch the streamed event.


Live chat events

We also have live chat events with scientists from the team on Thursday 8th March 1300-1430, and Tuesday 13th March 1300-1430.


To take part contact<> with your school name, age and number of pupils.


(Apologies, we are now fully booked for our Bahamas fieldwork videoconferences)


Grace Kimble


Learning Programme Developer