Secondary school wanted for French partnership

We have been in contact with a teacher in France who is looking for a secondary school in the SEGfL to link to via VC from the start of 2012.

The school is in the South of France near Montpellier and the students are 14/15 years old and speak about 5 hours of english a week.
They are looking to partner with similar age group who are strong in French with the partnership lead by their French teacher. The idea would be to practice language skills in real time via the videoconference.
Topics could be around their school, cities, hobbies to start with before more detailed topics could be planned.
The school is new to VC so it would be benifical if the school in the UK had some experience although not essential.
We would like this to start the first half of next term so if you are interested please contact me directly via email to