Teach Today

Web 2.0 technologies are providing new opportunities for interactive communications and are changing the way in which we all work and interact with the Internet. Much of our experience is positive but there are occasions where the availability of interactivity can provide a negative experience. A year ago (September 2008) BECTA surveyed a number of teachers and found that almost half reported negative experiences of new technologies as a result of pupil interactions using Web 2.0

The Teach Today site has been developed to provide information and advice for teachers, headteachers and others involved in education about the positive aspects of new technology. Most of us are now familiar with sites providing advice and materials relating to child safety on the internet but Teach Today provides advice about teacher safety - how to ensure you remain safe and are able to protect your professional reputation in the online environment.

Check out the site at http://www.teachtoday.eu

Teach Today is supported by partners in the Internet industry and by professional associations and agencies in the UK.

Web 2.0 is just one of the tools now available and that are transforming education from education 1.0 to Education 2.0