The Kent Bird Watch 2010 Project Review

Find out how Kent primary schools are using the web camera technology hosted by the SEGFL to promote learning in and outside the classroom.

The Kent Bird Watch 2010 project was an opportunity for Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils in and outside the classroom to use ICT to develop their maths and science skills, knowledge and understanding.  Between January and July 2010 over eighty Kent schools registered and took part in activities organised by The RSPB Field, Kent Wildlife Trust, Medway Valley Countryside Partnership and Canterbury Educational Environmental Centre.

A comprehensive review of the project can be viewed by clicking on the link at the bottom of this article. Divided in to 6 sections the review will be of interest to any schools and authorities seeking to develop links with local environmental organisations and promote the use of ICT outside the classroom.

Kent Bird Watch Project Review

Section 1: Installing a nest camera in your school grounds

Section 2: Working in partnership with other educational providers

Section 3: Using ICT to enhance enquiry based learning

Section 4: Kent Bird Watch 2010 Data Handling report

Section 5: Science and outdoor classroom

Section 6: Kent Bird Watch 2010 Overseas Schools Project Report

For more information about the Kent Bird Watch 2010 project contact:

Phil Bracegirdle - ICT Hands on Support Consultant