Safer Children in a Digital World - UKCCIS Strategy document launched.

The UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS) has published its first child internet safety strategy 'Click Clever, Click Safe.' The strategy will be launched at the UKCCIS Summit event in London, attended by 300 delegates from across government, industry, law enforcement and chaired by Professor Tanya Byron. Professor Byron prepared the report, 'Safer Children in a Digital World,' which was accepted by Government and led to the formation of UKCCIS.

The Council strategy document, 'Click Clever, Click Safe,' sets out work that has been done to keep children safe online, commitments to parents and children and things that the Council is planning to do and how you will know whether the Council is succeeding in making children and young people safer.

The summit will also see the launch of the first stage of the 'Click Clever, Click Safe' public awareness campaign with the digital code, 'Zip It, Block It, Flag It.'

The document can be downloaded from the DCSF site - click here to download as a PDF.

Click the link to download a review of available evidence prepared and submitted to UKCCIS by NFER, 'Children's online risks and safety'.

A research paper for DCSF, Staying Safe Survey 2009, Children and Parents’ Attitudes around Internet Safety provides further information and evidence following interviews with some 1433 parents and 833 children/young people.

Download a full size PDF of the Digital Code, 'Zip IT, Block IT, Flag IT.'

Upcoming actions from UKCCIS include:

Winter 2009-2010 0 anti cyber-bullying campaing

January 2010 - Safer Internet Week - launch of the public awareness campaign

March 2010 - Know IT All for seconday teachers - online safety in common core of skills and knowledge