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Using ICT creatively – Talking Books

In my Spot postings I want to focus on creative uses of ICT across the curriculum to enhance communication and learning. ICT can be very powerful when we use it to enhance creativity and allow children to communicate in their own chosen way. In this post I am focusing on talking books. In my Reception and Key Stage 1 classes many of the children have loved making talking books using their whiteboard software (we have Activprimary) or other software like 2Create-A-Story. These children are emergent readers and writers who love recording their ideas and reading the books they create time and time again. We have made books using shared as well as guided writing techniques. The ideas have always come from the children and so they love their books and are motivated to read their books and share them with an audience. This repetition has helped them recognise familiar words and moved them towards their goal of being independent, capable readers.

Children of all ages and ability can make talking books. Books can be made using any multimedia package and about any topic, fiction or non-fiction. There are great examples of talking books on the Internet that you can share with the children. Priory Woods School a special school in Middlesborough have published some of their books online : .

There is a selection of books made by groups of children on the HIAS (Hampshire Inspection and Advisory Service) learning platform : .

The books there at the moment have generally been made by children in EYFS and KS1. We are always on the look out for books made by children of any age to add to the collection for us all to share. Please enjoy our books and send us some of yours to share too!