Using JVCS Desktop for videoconferencing


The Janet Videoconferencing Service launched their free desktop solution to schools and guest sites last year. The service is called JVCS Desktop and allows schools and guest sites to experience videoconferencing with H.323 (standards based) endpoints. If you wish to use the service, you need to download the application; ConferenceMe, onto a Windows laptop/PC and have a camera and microphone. The laptop has to have certain requirements to work so please check you have the appropriate capabilities before downloading the software.

Full requirements and the link to download the application can be found in the document below.


Although many schools use JVCS Desktop in the classroom, it is worth noting that web cameras and microphones are designed for one or two people sitting in front of the laptop. When using it with large groups, you need to be aware that the far-end will not see you all and the audio is likely to struggle. The best way round this is to have a few seats in front of the camera and use them as 'hot seats' for students to come and talk.


If you have any questions or queries about using JVCS Desktop, please contact Heather Hadfield at the SEGfL Office.