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Want a Second Life?

For the last two years secondary schools around the SEGfL region have been involved in a Second Life project. In Second Life users create avatars, virtual representations of themselves that interact in real-time within a three-dimensional virtual world. Using Skoolaborate, an existing set of islands on the teen grid, 13-17 year old students are interacting with other students from all over the world, working on curriculum-related projects and student-initiated activities. The possibilities for online learning are endless and initial evaluations have been very positive.


Students have been learning how to use Second Life tools to customise their avatar, create new costumes, build structures and other objects, add media elements and create simple codes/scripts to make things happen. They have also been involved in machinima video production.


Common themes and curricula have centred around Citizenship, History and R.S. e.g. exploring issues related to prejudice and discrimination, online censorship, rights of the child and modern slavery. These themes will continue and we are hoping to extend projects into other areas e.g. environmental sustainability, town planning etc.


If your school wants to become involved then drop me an email -