Women’s History from the National Archives


For International Women's Day it seems appropriate to highlight two of our videoconferences focused around outstanding women of the 20th century.


In 'Behind Enemy Lines', we introduce students to Noor Inayat Khan, a member of the Special Operations Executive (SOE), played by a historical interpreter. SOE was established by Winston Churchill during the Second World War to conduct guerrilla warfare against the Axis powers: in his words, to "set Europe ablaze".


Students will take the role of 'trainee agents' and learn about SOE and Noor's  experiences in Occupied France as well as working with the genuine SOE training syllabus offered to wartime recruits.


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In our 'Lawmakers and Lawbreakers' session, students are transported back to 1913 as journalists attending a press conference being held by Prime Minister Herbert Asquith, a staunch opponent of votes for women and a militant suffragette, both played by costumed interpreters.


Sparks will fly as your students' questions, based on evidence from original documents held here at the Archives, provoke sharp debate between the two sides.


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