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Subject: English

Enriching the curriculum through the use of 3D immersive adventure games

by Heather Hadfield on Mon, September 07, 2015

How photorealistic 3D immersive games can be used to stimulate writing
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How can Oral Storytelling improve pupils’ Literacy Skills?

by Heather Hadfield on Fri, January 20, 2012

Storytelling is a powerful tool to get students writing because it provides “opportunities to identify important details and dialogue, understand and recall stories and story elements, and practise oral language skills such as vocal expression and exaggeration.” Read the full article to find out how ICT can support these activities.
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History2Literacy - Using census data in the primary classroom

by Heather Hadfield on Sun, March 13, 2011

This summer schools taking part in the 2011 Census project will have free access to the Find My Past Read the report to find out how you can use census data to support an enquiry based learning project.
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Using Mindmapping Software to Develop Thinking and Creativity in the KS1 Classroom

by Heather Hadfield on Sun, January 10, 2010

One of the things my KS1 children have always enjoyed doing is using mind mapping software to organise and develop their ideas. This was an obvious use of ICT for us to explore in our school, as for a long time we had been working with children mindmapping on paper. We used the mindmaps to find out what children already knew about a topic and what they wanted to find out. From the final mindmap at the end of a topic we could see what children had learned.

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Using ICT creatively – Talking Books

by Heather Hadfield on Thu, October 08, 2009

In my Spot postings I want to focus on creative uses of ICT across the curriculum to enhance communication and learning. ICT can be very powerful when we use it to enhance creativity and allow children to communicate in their own chosen way. In this post I am focusing on talking books. In my Reception and Key Stage 1 classes many of the children have loved making talking books using their whiteboard software (we have Activprimary) or other software like 2Create-A-Story. These children are emergent readers and writers who love recording their ideas and reading the books they create time and time again.
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