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ZiLink integrates Moodle with or Facility to automatically create and maintain subject categories, courses, cohorts and enrolments within Moodle. ZiLink aids integration with your Active Directory, parent account creation and account matching removing time-consuming Moodle administration.

ZiLink uses ZiLink Platform an unique implementation of the Systems Interoperability Framework (SIF). Other SIF-enabled products or services can easily connect to ZiLink creating a truly integrated school system.


ZiLink for Moodle includes integration, ZiLink Timetable and the ZiLink Room Booking system which all utilise information from your school MIS. Only £995.00 plus VAT per annum.

ZiLink for Moodle Assist includes the integration described above and Class View - the ability for teachers to view attainment, targets, and progression data from SIMS.Net plus Moodle activities and Gradebook information. £1,395.00 plus VAT per annum.

ZiLink for Moodle Engage includes Assist described above and adds Parent View - the ability for parents to view information from SIMS and Moodle so they can truly support their child's learning. Attainment, targets, progress, attendance, behaviour, personal information, subject tasks/activities, grades and feedback.£1,795.00 plus VAT per annum.

Call 08000 488 777 or e-mail for more information or to arrange your online demonstration of ZiLink.


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