22nd September 2020Contingency Planning for closure and self isolating pupils and staff

Contingency planning for staff and students who are self-isolating or for further local or national lockdowns and school closures can be more effective when digital learning and technology is embedded into teaching and learning.

Schools are expected to have a contingency plan in place by the end of September 2020. Whilst that document might be a very good start, it is likely that it is a plan that evolves over time in response to local situations, new technology and access, and teacher experience. Such plans can include a timetable for change and development – remote learning change can be a long process.

General points schools might expect to consider during this time, which can inform their contingency plans could include the following:

  • Is the plan across all subject areas including how to resolve any subject difficulties?
  • Has the school got a blended learning approach ready for any local lockdown/self-isolation?
  • Has the school continued home learning in any aspect, building on what went before?
  • What have been the unintended consequences to recovery? (Unexpected, unforeseen)? And how have you dealt with these?
  • How has the school prepared and coordinated staff to be effective?
  • How is the school emotionally supporting children?
  • How has the school modified/changed the curriculum?
  • How has the school supported parents?

The Ed Tech Demonstrator Programme has brought together a some of the demonstrator schools and colleges to talk about the key issues. Watch the curated videos on the subject click here

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