Cyber crime lesson plans KS3

Citizenship, Online safety, PSHE
Age Groups:

Two free lesson plans from the National Crime Agency, on the causes and effects of cybercrime, and how to avoid it.

The National Crime Agency is aware of an increasing number of young people engaging in acts of cybercrime, often having been encouraged to do so by criminals in hacking forums or via online gaming. These two key stage 3 lesson plans explore the risks involved in committing cybercrime, and will help your students to recognise and avoid the techniques used to manipulate young people online.

PSHE education provides an ideal context for this learning, as it develops relevant skills such as decision making, risk assessment, ability to recognise manipulation and effective use of exit strategies, while providing key facts about cybercrime.

The lessons aim to help students:

  • recognise what cybercrime is, and its causes
  • avoid manipulation online
  • explain the effects of committing cybercrime for both the target and perpetrator
  • seek support and understand the positive pathways for young people interested in computing


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