There is no doubt that the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) industries play an important role in our national and regional economy. However, recent reports have highlighted the existing skills shortage in STEM and how this will affect our economy in the future. In fact, research from STEM Learning has worked out that the current skills shortage is costing £1.5 billion a year (May 2018) in extra training and recruitment costs. This is predicted to get significantly worse, year on year, as the skills shortage increases.


SEGfL has a desire to assist our regional community in supporting STEM activities for young people and schools.

This section of our website aims to bring together the following information:

  • iSTEM+
  • STEM ambassadors, projects and activities
  • Further education and careers

Any STEM events will appear in our general events calendar.

The DfE along with other government departments appreciates the role of STEM in our economy and the importance of continuing to support STEM skills and knowledge in our children and young people. They have a STEM strategy called “Success through STEM” .

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