27th May 2022The Dark Web Explained

The Dark Web Explained

For The Dark Web Explained for parents and carers please visit our Parents and Carers website

What is The Dark Web Explained?

A set of resources have been developed by the National Crime Agency in collaboration with The Children’s Society and Marie Collins Foundation in response to recommendations from professionals and from research which found that many professionals, parents and carers do not understand the Dark Web and feel unequipped to talk to a young person about it should the need arise.

The Dark Web explained consists of a short informational film with a separate fact sheets for professionals and parents and carers. The resource can help you to:

  • understand what the Dark Web is
  • know why and how some young people might access the Dark Web
  • feel confident having conversations and supporting young people who are accessing the Dark Web

How should it be used?

The films and fact sheets have been created to help you understand more about the Dark Web to enable you to feel confident and better equipped to have conversations with young people who are using the Dark Web, if required.

For professionals working with children and young people access the resources here

Parents and carers can access the specific parents and carers page that includes a fact sheet and film tailored for care givers.

These resources are intended for professionals and parents and carers only and is not intended for young people. We strongly advise that you do not have conversations about the Dark Web with children and young people who are not already interested in or using the Dark Web.